Bio-market in Lugo (Ravenna, Italy)

Local biomarket are a concrete example of new forms  of solidarity economies. Our economic system doesn’t function properly. It’s unstable, natural resources over-consuming, unfair and it pays attention only to welfare of people with money to obtain it. For these reasons alternative economies have been proposed to respect environment, justice and welfare of everyone. We can use no more neoclassical economy in a sustainable way, because it’s based on pseudo-rational computation of individual welfare. A well known dogma in neoclassical economy theory is that Homo-Oeconomicus uses discount rates to give higher values to present consumption in comparison to descendants ones. This is a quite imperfect criterion: it’s an animal way of thinking, caused by our Pleistocene brain. Always neoclassical economy considers market equilibrium theory to explain auto-regulation mechanisms toward an optimum allocation of resources: the invisible hand of the market, explained by Adam Smith, should impel the wellness of the society in contrast with individual egoisms. Things act differently: persons aren’t completely rational, there are no conditions of perfect competition and information symmetry.  A free market guide toward a wall made of struggles of all against all, with few strong winners over several others losers. So we must speak of “market failure”.

The social and solidarity economy (from the Italian “economia solidale” and the French “économie sociale et solidaire”) consider persons guided by several factors together: utility, feelings, passions, ideal, relations with environment, other people and descendants. With this point of view there are no more contrapositions between sellers and buyers, fighting competitors, but partners trying to find better solutions. So there is no need for an invisible hand to arrange individual egoisms into an optimal solutions.

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Bologna-San Michele in Bosco Sacristy: Painting by Fra Paolo Novelli, with a scene of war in the Old Testament

The occidental myth imposes all over the world with physical and psychological violence. This happens because of his thinking  assumptions about Man continuous expansion. The origin of this myth is in Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament, where concepts of man expansion are repeated several times., using words like: “dominion, to subjugate, terror, power, etc.”.  Note that in Christ teaching there are no more radical ideas like these and expecially in the second half of the XXth century several attempts of correction were made by the Catholic Church theologians: now their official position is like Man as a sort of good manger of the World, but the basic idea is always the same: indefinite expansion!

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Homeless in Bologna

A homeless sleeping under the arcades of Bologna; with the economic crisis these poor have increased

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Doctor Balanzone of Bologna

Doctor Balanzone of Bologna

This Doctor Balanzone is a typical character of Bologna, that represent a know-all who always talks without saying anything

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